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PorscheGTIII March 6, 2019 21:44

Frozen Rotor Simulations in SW Flow Simulation?
Greetings all,

I've been wondering, is it possible to do a true Frozen Rotor simulation in SW Flow Simulation? I know you can do a Mixing Plane (Averages) simulation, a transient sliding mesh simulation, or a single rotating reference frame simulation but there does not seem to be an option for just having multiple reference frames with no averaging between reference frames.

Boris_M April 1, 2019 07:17

Not sure it is clear what you mean with "true" frozen rotor.
The Averaging Plane model is not a frozen rotor model so there is no frozen rotor in the software that there is a "not true" frozen rotor, the averaging happens in the circumferential slices of the rotating region and you can have multiple rotating regions as well.

The question is what are you trying to model?
What is your application?


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