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RP April 15, 2008 05:52

Temperature Dependent Loads
Does Flotherm/Flovent support temperature dependent loads ? Just wondering, as I couldn't find the documentation on it. And I still believe there is a lot of scope for Flotherm Documentation improvent. Just my thoughts!

Robin Bornoff April 15, 2008 06:29

Re: Temperature Dependent Loads
(not strictly an EFD or FloWorks question but anyway...)

Yes, this can be done by using a Temperature Source Attribute attached to a Source Object. A linear relationship between power dissipation and temperature can be defined in terms of a coefficient and value. Note that the either the coefficient or the value can be made to vary in time as part of a transient simulation.

Searching for "source option" in our html documentation will locate the relevant page!

Robin Bornoff

Flomerics Product Manager - Electronics Cooling

RP April 15, 2008 06:50

Re: Temperature Dependent Loads

Thanks for your clarification. I can understand the concept of what you are trying to get. What I am trying to get the workaround is the temperature dependent loads in steady state.

On the source, like for e.g, Can I model the source load based on its centroid temperature, which I don't know initially at the start of the analysis for SS analysis.

Was wondering if thats possible or not.

Thanks for your clarification


mactech001 March 22, 2012 02:46

Is there the same feature in CFX to input temperature dependent body loads too?

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