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Nick Sessions April 16, 2008 16:44

Running Job in Batch mode (EFD)

I would like to share a program that we (Engineering SESSIONS) have written to help collate the excel goals of a batch result in EFD. Collating results from 2 or 3 runs is easy - but wait until you need to do 100 or 200 (I try not to do that too often). Please feel free to use this program but if anyone would like this developed more ... then we can speak.

Before you run a batch make sure that you have a Goals_Plot_x defined in the results section of the EFD_Manager for each project/configuration; when you run the batch make sure that you click on the "run batch results processing" for all the projects/configurations (and follow the "batch results..." button at the bottom of the window).

When the EFD batch run is finished then run our program, point it to the project directory (the one with the 1, 2, 3 ... n) for the problem and it will go through and create a summary page in an excel file called batch_results.

The program can be downloaded in zip format from or

In it you will find the executable and a template excel file it will need. Keep them both together in the same directory and put it somewhere like your program_files.

Hope that helps,

Cheers Nick

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