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Giron April 21, 2008 08:30

There is no fluid volume in the project

When I start the simulation or just create mesh I have the message: "There is no fluid volume in the project. Please check geometry or boundary conditions."

It's an external analysis type with conduction, radiation and free air cooling. I often make this type of simulation and I was never obtained this message.

Remark: -If I run this model in internal analysis type with heat conduction in solids only it's OK.

- I check geometry and I have:

"Analysis type: External" "The fluid volume is 0 m^3" "The solid volume is 0,06264 m^3"

Thanks in advance for any help!

Kelly Cordell-Morris April 21, 2008 11:40

Re: There is no fluid volume in the project

When you perform the check geometry ensure that check for invalid contacts is applied. Once the check is completed any invalid contacts will be shown(points or lines of contact between objects cannot be resolved by the mesh, it needs to be a surface to surface contact although the surface can be very small). The invalid contacts need to be resolved before you can perform the analysis.

If the geometry is not important you can just suppress to remove the invalid contact otherwise you may need to change the geometry slightly.

Kelly, Consultant Engineer, Flomerics

3DmaniacSLDWRKS March 4, 2009 16:55

Re: There is no fluid volume in the project
hello,seems to me one of the things ur doing wrong is that floworks can only analyze HEAT CoNDUCTION FOR SOLIDS ,in ur case tht might be one of the reasons you get the message, i have another problem tho and itd be great if you can help since its been a long time since u have wriiten this message i figured u might have got to the bottom of this,i get the exact same message when i try to run an external analysis , before i start the study(using the wizard)i have nonzero solid volume but after i use the wizard i get zero solid volume in geometry check and the analysis wont run,was wondering if you know whats wrong,and i have no contact error,and i get the right volume when i choose internal analysis TY

Giron March 5, 2009 03:39

Re: There is no fluid volume in the project
Hello, often the problem comes to the contact but I had this problem when I used the surface modeling. My solution for to find the problem is to delete piece by piece and check geometry between each deleting. It's fastidious but it's a solution.

Joshua June 12, 2009 17:05

I have found that if you create a fluid subdomain this problem can be resolved. Why this works I do not know...

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