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Krueger May 30, 2008 09:32

Hi... I'm brand new here in this forum and I would like to know if you guys already use the COSMOSFloWorks to huge structures as Spillways. I'm just wondering if it is possible to calculate fluid flows in "open" structures (atmospheric pressure) in contact with large channels... We use to work with Flow3D, can COSMOSFloWorks do the same?! Thanks!!!

Bill McEachern June 3, 2008 21:15

don't think so - at least if you are interested in the surface displacements. No free surface capabilities that I know of and I would love to see it implemented but not exactly a non-trivial addition. Though floworks does seem well suited to the VOF method but then again I am sure the complexities are a bit tricky to uderstate the problem.

mohammad hadi tavana February 27, 2009 13:43

hello,i want an example for morning glory spillway.tanks

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