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Nick Sessions July 11, 2008 13:23

forum discussion (software requests)
Should a forum such as this be split into a number of sub-sections?

1. general 2. application discussions 3. bug reports 4. desires/requests

I think that if there was a section dedicated to requests then Flomerics will have a better idea of what the users want (in addition to information forwarded through the VARS).

then again CFD-Online might not have set the forum up to have sub-forums.

Pete July 11, 2008 14:59

Re: forum discussion (software requests)
A forum needs a certain number of users to stay active. Without a critical mass of users a forum will quickly self-die. This new EFD/FloWorks forum is just on the limit of reaching critical mass. Splitting it up further would definitely create too small forums. The traffic on this forum is certainly not too large to follow all discussions.

Nick Sessions July 11, 2008 15:28

Re: forum discussion (software requests)
okay, good point

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