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derek July 11, 2008 19:51

pressure drop
I am new to the program and my company has recently acquired floworks 2007. I am trying to get started by trying to set up the program to determine the amount of pressure drops between the inlet and the outlet. I have the amount of inlet pressure and the amount of flow that will be restricted coming out of the outlet. How can I set up floworks to show me the amount of pressure I can see coming out at the output when I change different parameters of my design. Thanks

Nick Sessions July 14, 2008 00:59

Re: pressure drop
Have you seen the "First Steps - Ball Valve Design" tutorial (specifically the equation goal)? /n

Murat September 4, 2008 08:47

Re: pressure drop
First at inlet you can create boundary condition which is mass flow rate or velocity etc. And then at the outlet you can apply the pressure static or enviroment what you want. It is not important how much the pressure is at the outlet because you search only Delta P. And then you should create a goal for inlet- Surface Goal bulk av static pressure-. At the end you should determine equation goal like this Enviroment Pressure- Your goal. That's all.

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