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Mr Matti Karvonen August 27, 2008 01:26

Incorrect area integration.

Has anyone got broblem that FloWorks(=FW for now on) calculates wrong area for surfaces? I guess reason for that might be that FW calculates area of elements, not (real) surfaces.

I tested this also with siple cylinder-shape solid which end area can easily be calculated "by hand" and I got many percent error in results. Is that correct assumption of error reason, and is there any simple way to get correct areas?

Because of error in area all boundary integration results are wrong.

Nick Sessions August 30, 2008 11:43

Re: Incorrect area integration.
Hello Does the error decrease for the calculated area when you add more cells? Cheers Nick

Mr Matti Karvonen September 1, 2008 01:28

Re: Incorrect area integration.
I didn't try. I used "Comsol Multi Physics" to solve my problem. That program calculates areas correctly even with very coarse mesh. Maybe it does so because I use tetra/triange mesh which is not available on FW. Only reason I tried to use FW is/was that creatin models is very easy for former solidworks user.

jeremyli September 15, 2008 23:13

Re: Incorrect area integration.
EFD uses FVM method so you should make you object be meshed well. And EFD can calculate the integration by your mesh.

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