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Murat October 8, 2008 10:42

Parametric Study
Hi All,

How to use parametric study tools?

For example,

I have an impeller.With parametric study I wanna analyze my impeller wing heigt between 5 mm-6mm to find best design.

How to do?


Ive October 13, 2008 03:20

Re: Parametric Study
Start Parametric study.

Select Dimension. Click Next.

Select the Dimension defining the height of blades. Specify the minimum and maximum values. To select a sketch dimension, right-click the sketch in the FeatureManager and select Show. To select a feature dimension (like cut or extrude), right-click the Annotations item in the FeatureManager and select Show Feature Dimensions. Click Next.

Select the Goal for which you want to optimize your impeller (Volume flow rate, for example). You must have this goal already created. You can also specify the estimated minimum and maximum values of this goal. Click Next.

Specify the desired goal value. Instead of a constant value you can specify a dependency. Click Next.

Specify the convergency criterion - how much you allow the goal to oscillate to consider the solution as converged. Specify the maximum allowed number of calculations to achieve the desired goal value. You can also specify to create a separate configuration for each calculation. Click Next.

Check all the parameters and click Run.

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