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Matic Grom October 27, 2008 10:09

Simulation of mixing
Hi everyone.

I have the following problem. I would like to simulate mixing of ethanol and water in cilindrical vessel. This would be unsteady (transient) simulation. At t=0 ethanol is on upper half of vessel and water at lower.

I have FloWorks simulation package. Is this kind of simulation at all possible in FloWorks? If it is, how to define initial conditions and specify two regions of vessel (one with ethanol and one with water?

I succesfully simulated mixing of ethanol and water in a sort of static mixer, but this was steady state simulation.

Thank you and best regards.

Dr. Dergunov October 29, 2008 08:54

Re: Simulation of mixing

You should do the following to solve your problem.

1. Create cylinder volume where ethanol would be placed at t=0. 2. Go to Flow Simulation>component control then select and disable the this volume for flow. 3. Go to Menu Flow Simulation>component control>Insert>Local Initial Conditions and set the Initial concentrations for ethanol. 4. Repeat this steps for water.

Matic Grom November 11, 2008 03:38

Re: Simulation of mixing
Dear Dr. Dergunov,

I am very sorry for my late response, I was very busy last three weeks. I tried your suggestion and it worked.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Matic Grom

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