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Mikael February 20, 2009 18:19

SolidsWorks - EFD/mentor graphics

Is there and in that case, what is the relationship between Solidworks Fluid simulation software and EFD?

Ive tried clearify the differences by searching on the internet but without success..


jeremy February 25, 2009 04:30

Re: SolidsWorks - EFD/mentor graphics
mentor graphics analysis division (formerly flomerics) is the FloEFD developer. And FLOEFD includes three software: floefd, and floefd.v5. FloEFD uses solidwoks geometry modelling engine. Solidworks Fluid simulation mainly focuses on flow analysis. FLOEFD not only embraces all the flow analysis fuctionalities of floworks but also provides powerful function and database/library in thermal analysis for electronic device cooling. and Floefd.v5 are intergrated in proe and catia.

Mikael February 25, 2009 07:45

Re: SolidsWorks - EFD/mentor graphics
But what about the solvers and their capabilities? Is the Solidworks Fluid Simulation software/solver the same solver as FloEFD?

jeremy February 25, 2009 21:27

Re: SolidsWorks - EFD/mentor graphics
The solver should be the same. but Fluid Simulation software has limited capability/function.

Mikael February 26, 2009 08:01

Re: SolidsWorks - EFD/mentor graphics
OK, thanks!

alf March 4, 2009 11:58

Re: SolidsWorks - EFD/mentor graphics
As a matter of fact SW fluid simulation (formally Floworks) and FloEFD (formelly efdlab) are the same solver.

The main differences are : - electronics module which exist only in floefd - remote solver can run via tcp protocol - remote solver car run without cad interface

I don't think that there is too many other differences.

sharonmshepard April 8, 2009 15:27

In addition, there is quite a bit more functionality in the FloEFD product AND you have a dedicated support team.

delfel September 9, 2009 15:44

Hi there,

I know this is an old thread, but was curious about details of the SW fluid simulation package. I'm trying to help a guy interpret and improve some odd results he got from the package, but can't find any details on the solver. Any more specifics on how limited the capabilities are? 1st order, FEM or finite volumes, etc.?


sharonmshepard September 9, 2009 15:59

SW Solver
I would first work with the SW reseller if you are using FloSIM (FloWORKS) and not FloEFD.

Second, the solver is Finite Volume.

What is the problem you are having with the solver? Is it providing inaccurate results? Are you trying to solve for mixed gases?

Solidworks leases part of the technology that is in FloEFD.

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