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etienne March 6, 2009 11:31

2D airfoil

Does anybody has experience with computing the lift around an airfoil in 2D with Floworks? I am actually evaluating SW/Floworks for application in aircraft industry, but I didn't found any example As far as I was able to go, I found an error of more than 15% on the lift coefficient at low angles of attack.... Thank for help Etienne

maxim March 9, 2009 12:24

Re: 2D airfoil
hi are you looking for an explanation of the error, or a method to obtain a correct model?

what is your lift coefficent value reference? Do you obtain it with a measure or with another CFD Software?


etienne March 9, 2009 16:56

Re: 2D airfoil

The lift coefficient reference are the wind-tunnel measurements (and a cross-check with X-foil, which is quite "good" at low angles of attack).

Excuse my poor english if my question wasn't so understandable. I would like to know is anybody has experience with Floworks for computing forces on external flow (let's say as a beginning in 2D ->airfoil, and later on on 3D -> full aircraft), and if experiences were successful or not. Then, in a second step, if somebody was successfull, I will be glad to hear some recommendations on how to set the paramters (I tried "a lot" of settings....and I'm not happy with the results). Cheers Etienne

maxim March 9, 2009 18:33

Re: 2D airfoil
hi. Don't worry about your english, your question was really clear. In fact ,I don't know so much about this type of simulation , but anyway , when CFD results and expermiental measures are different you must take a look at some points:

1) Obviously your boundary conditions must be relevant with your experiments: flow type, temperature, fluid dynamics model ( Boussinesque, real gas and so on...)

2) your mesh must be enough accurate. did you try differents types of mesh, different boudary Layer Thicknesses???

I'm not really helpfull there but sometimes, check the basics is the best solution to get away from this type of situation


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