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mickeysew814 April 18, 2009 00:22

pump's flow simulation
dear all,

I was attempting to create a flow simulation for a pump but not really sure is the setting right or not. my goal was to obtain the pressure different. Do comments.

Below is the setting:
> inlet define as 0 m^3/s
> outlet define as static pressure
> using local rotating region where the local region is disable & define with certain RPM.

final result i get -ve pressure at 1 side, is this correct? For the pressure different, i have to add both or minus?


GadskiyPapa April 20, 2009 02:41

Hi, in the case of your statement negative pressure shows, that the cavitation flow is presented. You should turn cavitation option on to obtain the solution.

General Settings>Fluid> and find the cavitation checkbox here

mickeysew814 April 20, 2009 10:23

i see. Is it also related to my meshing setup as well? is there anything that i need to take note on the mesh side?


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