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richardb May 4, 2009 23:04

Modelling a flag in floworks?
Hi , im a new user of floworks but i have had some experience with CFX with internal flow modelling.

My latest project requires me to model the flow across a flag in 15knot winds (7.17m/s). My question is if floworks has the capacity to do some sort of multi-physics simulation that would relate the external flow to the fluttering of the flag.

I havent studied the flag flutter in great detail yet either , so if anyone has any recommended reading to do with the instability please feel free to comment.


Kwagga May 5, 2009 02:26

If it's for a university project, I'd seriously model a flag on the moon :)

richardb May 5, 2009 02:43

Haha good call. Yeah we did a lab experiment with the wind tunnel and im trying to replicate the situation in CFD for top marks.

The postgrads have alot of packages available them so if anyone knows a package that would do this , I can go annoy one of my tutors to run something on one of his computers :D.

The problem I see is that it would require simultaineous computation of the stress and deformation of the flag , and the fluid . Since the changing shape of the flag causes pressure imbalances in itself and leads to the instability. :confused:

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