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maddi June 11, 2009 09:49


Does somebody know if it is any options to divide the computational domain in two diferent fluids?

I want to simulate a rotatory model, it is half submerged in water.

thanks for all,


Boris_M July 20, 2009 07:12

2-phase flow
Hi maddi,

If you want to neglect the influence of free surface flow, waves and swashing of the liquid phase you could put a solid on top of the liquid phase and therefore limiting the computational domain and define the contact surface as ideal wall or simply modify the computational domain to this position and define this plane as symmetry. But I'll not take responsibility for correct values since it is not possible to calculate 2-phase flows with FloEFD.

And for the other fluid it's just the other way around. In case of the solid block, you can model it as a thin sheet and with that calculate both phases at the same time.

murat August 5, 2009 14:39

I do not know exactly Floworks includes Fluid Subdomain. If you have you can use fluid subdomain tool to seperate to two fluids domains from each other in a computational domain.

As Boris said this option is not useful if you want to see effects of lfluids from others to others. You can model fluid domain wall as ideal wall to neglect any effects of waves etc.

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