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Joshua June 12, 2009 17:28

Real Wall boundry cond
I'm hoping someone can help me with a question I have about how Floworks handles its boundry condition called "Real Wall"

Basically it gives you 2 parameters to choose from:
1) Specifying the wall temperature
2) Specifying a heat transfer coefficient

but does not force you to take any choice. So what happens if you leave both conditions grayed out? When running the Wizard to set up the simulation it only asked for the outer walls Heat transfer coeff. But here I am using it for an internal wall. So I'm trying to figure out what sort of result I will get.



Ive June 15, 2009 05:20

The wall temperature is defined during the calculation as a result of the heat exchange between fluid and solid. By specifying the Real wall boundary condition you can override this calculated temperature (or the heat transfer coef.) by your own value for the selected surfaces (walls). Of course, this may result in incorrect results or longer time for calculation to converge, so this choice depends on you and the reliability of the data you have. The Heat transef coef. for the outer walls will remain the same since you specify the Real wall condition for an internal wall.

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