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D.Castle June 30, 2009 15:36

Flow Simulation Crash with Trajectories
Hello again,

This question is more of a curiosity for me than anything else. I have a lot of problems with SolidWorks and Flow Simulation crashing when I try to insert a Flow Trajectory into the model. About half the time it works just fine, but other times the program wants no part of it. Does anyone else have this problem? Are there certain conditions which make it more likely to crash?

If anyone else has this problem, I'd love to know.

Matt.Hieatt July 13, 2009 04:14

Floworks Crashing

I am not a technical support person and I work for Mentor so we dont officially support FloWorks - but this problem sometimes happens with FloEFD and when it does it is generally thought to be some form of conflict with your graphics card. If you try turning down the acceleration on the card it may help.

murat August 5, 2009 14:50

Number of emit points causes the problem. You can decrase your number of lines or arrows.

Another is may be you works wrong variables. For example if you do heat transfer analysis and you want to create streamlines and you don't switch from solid temperature to fluid temperature, Floworks crashs.

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