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PJC November 8, 2009 19:41

FloWorks torque bug?

I'm fiddling with FloWorks 08 applied to aircraft wings. I began by running a model with and without a symmetry plane at Z=0. Surface Parameter output for the 2 cases matches nicely, except under integral parameters the torque values are 2X in the symmetry plane case ('Consider entire model' was selected). This applies to torque, torque of normal force and torque of shear force, all. Suspecting either a bad mesh or bad report generation code I ran two more cases, with simpler wing geometry and finer meshes, with the same pattern. In the final case I used an airfoil with known pitching moment, and to my surprise found that the symmetry plane case gave the correct torque, while the full mesh gave half the correct value (all within specified convergence tolerances).

Is this a known problem? If not (which I find hard to believe) would somebody please verify this behavior or tell me I'm an idiot and why.


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