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jacobjb June 28, 2010 13:34

Detecting Cavitation of a Hydrofoil
I'm working with a Gorlov style turbine for a hydrokenetic project and want to examine our model for evidence of cavitation

I'm using COSMOS FloWorks 2008, and they advertise being able to identify and analyze cavitation I have not been able to find a way to do that.

Currently, I am simply doing a 2D analysis of a cross section of a hydrofoil at high flow velocities - around 10 m/s - that would produce cavitation. The only way I can think of finding areas of cavitation is to look at isosurfaces of water pressures < .2 psi which is the vapor pressure of water at 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is there a simpler way to go about this or is this the only method to go about this?

Boris_M September 1, 2010 02:48

Hi Jacobjb,
Yes, Floworks/FloEFD are capable of calculating cavitation. To do so you need to activate "Cavitation" during the wizard setup. You'll find this option in the part of the menu where you chose your fluid in the bottom area of the window.
As visualization parameter you can use "Vapor Mass fraction" and some others.
If you want to know more and find out what else you have to consider for accurate results in cavitation you should read the technical PDFs that should also come with FloWorks, at least they come with FloEFD and there you find suggested settings to use for caviations also some example images on how it would look like and which visualization was used etc.

I hope this helps even if it's a little late,

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