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axtray March 6, 2011 05:53

Solar Panel Water heating using solidwork Flow Simulation
I am currently doing my final year project on water heating system by using solar panel. The program I am using for the simulation is Solidworks 2010's Flow Simulation. I have already designed the solar panel but I am having trouble trying to figure out how to run the simulation. The initial parameters I have with me for the Heat Flux is 2000 watts per sq. meter. The cold water is running inside the pipe into the solar panel, and inside has few sets of baffles placed to make it circulate inside the panel.

The problem I am having is that I don't know how to set the boundary conditions for the solar energy. I tried fiddling around with the setups and boundary conditions. And one of the result I've gotten actually made the water temperature inside the solar panel became from 300k to -8k. Hope someone here can help me on this

nabilbaradia September 15, 2011 03:43

hey bro...whats up? im doing the same heater

Boris_M September 21, 2011 15:47

Hi axtray,
you've got two ways of setting it up, one is with using radiation and activate solar radiation where you can either use a location or vector the sun shines.
Or you can use a surface heat source on your model.
In any case it should not just go below 0K without any warning such as negative pressure or for gasses something like high mach number. You probably have a bad mesh would be my suggestion if you set the BC correct.

You probably have just a bad mesh somewhere. Make sure you use enough cells in small gaps. I cannot tell how your model looks like or your mesh so it's hard to give better advice.


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