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appu May 13, 2011 00:04

Meshing related issue in Flow EFD

I am analyzing a bend duct which has a cavity near to the exit. And there is large recirculation inside this cavity which cannot be overcome to get a converged solution in CFX. So i opted to work this problem in Flow EFD , CATIA is used for modelling. The issue which i am facing now is , during meshing i am not able to go beyond initial level of mesh 4 and also the solution is entirely different when i am changing the mesh which means i have not ended up in a mesh independant solution. Could anyone suggest me what could be the problem. Is the original physics so complicated that Flow EFD cannot handle but in that case i should have faced issue in solving only rather than meshing. Also another issue which i am facing is on a similar model even if change the initial level of mesh from 5 till 7 the mesh is not getting changed, but it is changing when i give 8 as the initial level. What could be the issue?

Boris_M May 22, 2011 08:27

Hi appu,

which settings in meshing did you change. Is it the level in the automatic settings?
With this level it won't change much between level 5 and 8 as other settings are applied behind the automatic scenes such as activating adaptive refinement during the solver run.
It is really hard to tell what you problem is, it could be bad mesh settings or geometry. Please send this task to your support as they are able to understand your task and give you better advice on how to work with it and find a solution for you.


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