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HUTCH June 16, 2011 10:14

Heat Sources

I am currently trying to work out the effects on my 128 heat sources.

Do i have to create 128 individual Heat Geneation Rates for each 1 ??

It seems i do but i am hoping there is a way around this.

When i just do them as a lump i dont get the results i want or it doesnt seem to treat them as indiviudals.

Boris_M June 28, 2011 12:25

Hello Hutch,
no, this is not necessary. When you have 128 heat sources with each the same amount you can simply select them all and creat a single source with 128 times the value and it will be distributed evenly on each selected item.
If that doesn't work properly please contact your support and let them check your issue.


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