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GeneG July 15, 2011 15:51

Zero Fluid Volume
Hello, I am using EFDLAB 8. After bringing my model (STEP) and running Geometry check, I am getting good numbers (different from zero). After applying all the conditions and assigning all the parameters, system refuses to run my analysis and running geometry check again gives me a zero fluid volume.
I checking interferences, I found none.
Any leads? Thanks

Boris_M August 1, 2011 08:01

Hi Gene,
if you run ther check geometry before you ran the wizard to setup a project then you might have used it for external analysis if there was a gap somewhere and if you then define internal analysis in the wizard then you won't find a fluid volume if there is a gap so the model is not water tight. Try to switch from internal back to external and see if you find a fluid volume. This is a very good indicator to distinguish between invalid contacts and a not water tight model.
If you have invalid contact, neither internal nor external check will find a fluid volume. If there is a gap somewhere in you model you will find a fluid volume only in an external case as the model is not water tight for internal case it cannot find a enclosed cavity.

I hope this helps,

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