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kat September 2, 2011 10:11

Nature convection in led lamp with Solidworks Flow simulation
I’m electronic engineer and try to computation a led lamp in Solidworks Flow simulation. I measured a temperature on pcb near led lamp - 67 degrees. When I try to computation in Flow simulation in natural convection I saw another parameters – 90degrees. I think that big mistake in nature convection in settings for this computation. Please look screenshots with settings – where can be mistake?

Boris_M September 5, 2011 04:12

Hi Kat,
please also consider radiation as it reduces the temperature alreas a bit. Just like in reality.
I can only assume your direction of gravitation is correct as I don't know you model.
And please recheck your material you selected. The standard material might be different from the one you have.
Simulation is always sensitive to the input data, so correct material data and project settings are important. Set it up that it will reflect the reality i.e. radiation, materials conditions of the environment etc.
And please do not change turbulence parameter.
They usually fit perfectly.

LEDs dissipate heat mainly by conduction so the correct material data is very important to give the same results as measurements since you cannot compare apples with oranges. The simulation should always represent the reality as good as possible.

I hope this helps,

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