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milasko September 30, 2011 05:49

HVAC Solidworks Flow Simulation
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I am mechanical engineer. I am trying to complete Hospital Room tutorial in Solidworks Flow Simulations. I don`t know how to activate Calculate Comfort Parameters in Calculation Control Options. After selecting Calculate Local Mean Age (LMA) check box, Calculate Comfort Parameters check box didn`t apear below Calculate Local Mean Age (LMA) field (attached picture). Can you tell me who to resolve problem?


Boris_M October 2, 2011 15:22

Hi milasko,
you should have the HVAC parameters if you check in the general settings or during the wizard run for "absorption in solids" or "spectrum" in radiation settings for the analysis types. If this is not present then you don't have the module to calculate with these functions.


milasko October 5, 2011 07:44

Dear Boris,

I tryed activating "Heat conduction in solids" option in General Settings, but I still don`t have HVAC parameters. Can you tell me is there any way to activate or install HVAC module?

Boris_M October 5, 2011 08:54

Hi milasko,
the HVAC module is always installed and only activated with the correct license. I cannot tell how to identify it in the SW license, you should contact your SW support for that.

And it is not in "Heat conduction in solids", it is in the option "Radiation" where you should find an additional option called "Spectrum" and "Absorption in solids". These two options are only available with the HVAC module.


milasko October 6, 2011 04:22

Hello Boris.

I resolved my problem by installing a new Solidworks 2012.Now I have Confor Parameters.

Best regards

Boris_M October 6, 2011 04:33

Ok, I assumed you have the version of SW in which the HVAC Module is released. since you were talking about it.


Madeinspace August 8, 2014 13:11

Dear Boris,
Is HVAC module is available in student version or cracked version of solidworks 2014. I don't seem to have one. Your reply would be a great helpful.

Boris_M August 9, 2014 15:52

Hi Prad,
It depends on the Student license you've got. If your University did not request all modules then you will not have it.
And regarding "cracked" versions, you should know that it is illegal and unwise to talk about that in public like a forum such as this. I work for the company that develops the software you are using.
I do understand that Students can not afford a software like this but that's why there are student licenses your University will be able to get you access to.

I advise you to uninstall illegal software!


Madeinspace August 9, 2014 23:57

Apologies Boris. It will never happen again. I will talk to the officials of my university if they have one with HVAC module. In case if they don't I may have to ask them to start buying procedure. I will hereafter never install the illegal one.

Boris_M August 11, 2014 02:58

Hi Prad,
your University should be able to get the HVAC module as part of the educational licenses from SW. I don't know the SW educational program but usually CAD vendors offer all modules for educational institutes. Maybe they had the licenses long before there was the HVAC module and for some reason it was never included after it was released.


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