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Magr87 October 20, 2011 09:45

Problem with Modeling and Error Message after Wizard
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Hello together,

i'm working on my Bachelor thesis and have some problems with the modeling.
My Programs are ANSA and EFD.LAB.
Until now i have only work with Catia V5 so my Knowledge in EFD is very little.

I have an Assembly with Solidparts.
My Questions: -How can I join or trim the solids to clear the blue line?
-Should the Bodies interpenetrate with themselves?
-What is the Meaning of the Error Message?? I get this Message after the Wizard for EFD:LAB project!!


vangelis October 20, 2011 15:36

Hi there,
I am sorry but I do not know EFD but
why don't you read the Catia file in ANSA
and do all the pre-processing work?



Boris_M November 4, 2011 08:38

Much easier, there is also a Catia integration of FloEFD called "FloEFD for Catia V5". EFD.Lab is the old name and if you really use EFD.Lab than you have an older version. ANSA cannot pre-process for FloEFD as it is not compatible with FloEFD technologies. If you use FloEFD for Catia you can use the original Catia geometry all inside Catia with all its parameters etc.

1. I have no idea what that blue line is. You don't have a FloEFD Project yet and I cannot tell what the blue line shall display? Where did you get it from?
2. For invalid contacts (any tangential contacts like a cylinder on a plane) needs to be avoided. Either create a flat surface contact or you can overlap the geometry to get rid of them.
3. I have no idea why the error message appears. This can be anything. You should contact the support and give them the model to help you with it as it is hard to tell from not knowing the model in detail, beeing able to check the model for any problems etc.


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