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Magr87 November 3, 2011 13:11

Cut Plot "Failed to Complete"
Hello together,

maybe someone can help me.

I build an Assembly (fully defined) with my parts and can calculate it without any problems. But when i want to see the Cut plot then i get the Message "Failed to Complete".My Computational Domain is exactly compete with my model. In addition i have a Symmetry in Ymin. I notice that i have no partial cells, only fluid cells.

For a few weeks ago i have the same simulation model, but it was under defined, because i take every part separatley and positioning it at the correct place. However the Cut plot be ok.

What should i try??

Thanks for the help!

Boris_M November 4, 2011 08:44

Hi Magr87,
it is hard to tell what the problem with the "no partial cells" is but for the failed to complete, try to deactivate the "Use CAD geometry".
For the rest I have to few information and would suggest to contact support for a better help. They can help you with the project and it's definitions and see if there's something wrong.


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