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jchow December 5, 2011 13:51

Blockage in pipe ( using solidwork flow simulation)
Hi everyone ,

I am doing flow simulation about flow behaviour before the fluid (water) flow through the blockages . The blockages is placed internally in the middle of pipe

length of pipe =1m
Inner diameter of pipe = 30mm
thickness =1mm
Type of flow = water
length of the blockage =10mm

Boundary condition
inlet velocity = 1m/s
fully delevoped flow

outlet = static pressure

I wan to analysis the pressure and velocity of the pipe due to change in blockages size.

How to plot the graph to show the pressure and velocity ?

Is it correct according to my setting ?

case 1
blockage size outer diameter =30mm
internal hole -10mm

case 2
blockage size outher diameter =30mm
internal hole =20mm

Boris_M January 16, 2012 17:03

Hello jchow,
Do you want to know how to create a plot such as a cut plot or a xy-Plot or do you want to compare the cases?
If it is the later then currently you will have to note the results such as pressure loss and velocity you are looking for and enter them manually in an Excel table. Or if you know how to program than you can also write a small program that collects the values of the projects automatically and enter them in the table. You can find out more about that if you click on help and select API help.


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