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JosephKim March 12, 2012 23:40

Checking Geometry
I analyse a cabinet by internal analysis type.
Next, I create Lids and check the Geometry Fluid Volume.
But Fluid Volume can not be produced.

I can't find open spaces because of cabinet's big size.

If and when the method exist to find open space easily, please let me know..

Boris_M March 16, 2012 08:59

Hi Joseph,
there is a way you can try to find if you have just an open gap somewhere so the internal space is not found or if an invalid contact is causing the problem.
If you switch to external and there is no invalid contact, then you should be able to find the fluid volume. If that doesn't work you have an invalid contact.

If ther is no invalid contact you can find the gap in two ways:
Use an external analysis and reduce the computational domain just a little larger than your model. Use a higher massflow or pressure boundary condition on any face of your model, just to have a flow source and start the calculation with a coarser mesh as you don't care about the details and result accuracy. After a while you can stop the calculation and plot either trajectories beginning on your boundary condition or use a cut plot and move it through your model and look from all angles if there is a high flow coming out of your geometry somewhere.

Use a solid thin block that seperates the model into two halves. Then check the volum again in an internal analysis. If you found one side, move the block bit by bit through the model till the volume vanishes. If that happened you just crossed the point where a gap is that cause the detection to not find an internal volume. You can also use two more such blocks cutting your model into 8 sections and therefore find the section where no volume is and move the blocks accodingly along x, y and z to narrow the location down to the point where the gap is.


JosephKim March 20, 2012 01:09

Thank you Boris :)
Your idea is amazing!
I will try that you teach me. I expect that will have good result.

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