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Slow calculations with Solidworks Flow Simulations 2012 64bit
Im not sure is the right topic, but I see this is the place where is more solidworks - flow simulations threads.
I know during meshing flowsimulation can use only one core.
during calculation it was sold flowsimulations as non finite core number.
but even if I ve 2 cpu 6 core=12 core I have only a 8% CPU total usage.
some time jump up to 30%. There is only one core always running 80-100%.:(
the calculations setup is already for 12 core.

So it would be better buy a 4 core 1 cpu, since I dont have advantage with my workstaton! Solidworks assistance it was not great help for the moment, but I hope they are working on it.

Any idea to speed up calculations? Im already plenty of memory , hard disk dont swap.:confused:


Boris_M March 20, 2012 03:21

yes, during meshing the software is only using one core as it is working with the CAD system and since the CAD system is not parallelized the mesher cannot be parallelized. But for the solver it should run with all cores as it does on all our computers with different types of CPUs Xeon 5400 series, 5500 series and 5600 series with 4 and 6 cores with single and dual CPUs. I heard of this issue only 3-4 times but cannot tell what it is related to.
Can you tell what OS you are using and the CPU model? Also what is your computer vendor?


Rpaplow April 11, 2012 14:13

Me too
I also have issues. I am running SW 2012 SP3 64 bit and Flow SP 2 on a Dell Precision 490 on Windows 7 64 bit with a XEON E5320 (4-core), 16 GB of RAM and a NVidia Quadro 600 (1,024 MB).

It only uses about 25%-30% of the processor power and 4 GB of the 16 GB of RAM. This Doesn't seem right and is not promising to assemble a "super-computer" to run analysis on.

Boris_M May 4, 2012 15:06

This shouldn't be happening, please contact your SW support. It works perfectly with FloEFD and with many other computers. It is best if you contact your support team and let them have a look. Maybe by switching onto your computer they can find the problem.


Rpaplow May 4, 2012 16:07

They don't know what's happening. It's weird that the same thing is happening on my i7. A large analysis (approx 5 million elements) runs on all 4 cores at approx 100%, but a small one runs on all 4 cores at approx 30%. It's like this software has built in job security (will only work hard if it know there's more work coming).

Boris_M May 4, 2012 16:10

Hmmm... I never checked on the model size but in general if you have too few cells the cores can slow each other down by exchanging data. How many cells does the small model have.

Rpaplow May 4, 2012 16:52

I've really just chalked all of this up to it occurs, in other words, I don't have time to deal with it (just not happy about it).

I am trying to model the exhaust plume of a low-bypass turbo-fan w/afterburner and augmentor right now. Looking for k-epsilon or intensity-dissapation model information. The documentation for flow is not so good.

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