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mf_emp May 27, 2012 10:04

Simulatling Two-fluid models..?
I wanna simulate 3-sided spillway (U-shaped spillway) model using two-fluid.
Due to the Help menu:
CUSTOM TUTORIALS > Hydraulics Tutorial > Variation: Run as a Two-Fluid Problem
that say's when the two fluid densities vary by a significant amount, a two-fluid model is not accurate!
so how can i simulate my problem?!

Note: The model is highly turbulent.

MuxaB May 27, 2012 18:03

Should be ok - have you tried already?

mf_emp May 28, 2012 06:48

yes i tried it, but i didn't get correct outputs.
as it say, densities vary by a significant amount.
The primary problem here is that there is only one (mixture) velocity calculated at each cell face. In reality, because the densities are so different for the two different fluids, there is significant discrepancy between the velocity of the air and the velocity of the water. When the densities of the two fluids differ greatly, i.e., roughly by more than a factor of 10, this mixture velocity may not adequately represent the flow, since velocities of each of the fluids in the same cell can be very different.

did anyone Run such a two-fluid case with air & water??

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