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styleworker May 31, 2012 11:49

Flow in porous media + phase change
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hello everyone,

i'm trying to simulate horizontal wicking with the influence of evaporation with FLOW 3D V10. Right now, simulating the flow (without evaporation) of a non-volatile fluid in a porous media works fine. I used the the darcy model (IDRG=1) and calculated the macroscopic paramater (porosity, capillary pressure, a and b) for the porous media (e.g. filter paper). A simulation can be found here:

A draft of the experimental setup can be found in the attechment.

Now I want to simulate the same setup for a volatile fluid (e.g. liquid nitrogen) with evaporation. I guess it's quite complicated. I was wondering, if FLOW 3D can simulate such things.
Maybe with the models "Bubbles and phase change-->thermal bubbles with phase change" and "porous media-->unsaturated flow"?

Thanks in advance!

cogs1212 June 27, 2012 14:51

Hey Im sorry I dont have an answer for you but I do have some questions about the simulations you have already done. If you could email me or I email you about some of my questions. My email is



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