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meangreen July 3, 2012 15:47

Muliphase Flow Documentation
Can someone send me a link, or PM me for my email, to the documentation about the multiphase flow model flow3D uses? I use fluent, and I notice the multiphase flow model for flow3d can model the flow from an hour glass. I want to know how they set the angle of repose the the dense phases stresses in their model.

meangreen July 5, 2012 15:38

.... no one can send me the documentation?

OK, how about this. Do they use the eulerian-eulerian model for two phase flow? What models do they use for the dense solids phase particle stress?

JBurnham July 17, 2012 14:15

go to Search in the upper right for 'granular flow'. Look for a Tech Note that describes the 'granular flow' physics. Other tech notes that may be of interest: two on drift-flux, and any on density evaluation.

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