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_knik_ August 8, 2012 21:09

I have a problem with the casting. Please help me.
I do not understand why the heat is at a shallow depth.

Why it is happening?
From help->Chapter 6 Model Reference : Overview : How Do I Model...?
When the Full energy equation is activated and the Maximum thermal penetration depth is specified for component m, only the portion of the component volume within that depth along the component surface, called the Thermally active layer, is retained in the computation, which typically results in a more efficient calculation...

my settings:
I have "Full energy equation"

How can I change it?
I want a normal casting.
Please help me.

melissa November 27, 2012 16:58

In the solid properties of the component is the maximum thermal penetration depth this defines the penetration of heat. If you remove the value you have there and ensure you have the correct time and heat transfer coefficient then you should see the correct heat penetration. This thermal active layer is used for example in hpdc where the amount of time is short so only a small amount of heat will penetrate through the die. The correct value should be calculated using thermal depth=sqrt(8*time to fill*thermal conductivity of mold/density*specific heat of mold)

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