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kavanaa1 August 9, 2012 09:08

Particle Transport in Fluid Stream. How to keep them in the fluid!
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Hi All,

I am modelling the tranport of particles in a falling fluid stream. Having a problem as the particles are jumping out of the stream :confused: (see attached screenshot1)

Are there any settings I can change to ensure the particles are retained within the fluid stream? (see screenshot 2 for current settings)

Appreciate your time.


dmilano August 29, 2012 16:26

On the Particles dialog make sure that the "Particles cannot escape to voids" option is checked. I think it is by default, so this looks more like a display quirk. The 3D view draws a surface of constant fluid fraction (0.5 by default). You may have particles in regions where the fluid fraction is less than 0.5, so the fluid surface is not drawn. On the Analyze->3D tab, try reducing the contour value - I suspect that this will display fluid around the particles.

sarasj September 19, 2012 00:13

how to keep particles in fluid region in CFX?
hi all
I am simulating particles in an open channel (air and water) and I inject particles from bottom boundary, but particles move out from fluid (water) into air?
can you please help me to solve this problem?

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