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madzero August 15, 2012 09:11

Probe Point List on v10.
Hi! I'm new using Flow-3D v10, in the example:

Casting Tutorial - Sand Casting Filling Simulation: Create the Mesh.
Measure the Geometry to Determine a Good Cell Size.

In the fourth paragraph reads: "Hold CTRL, place the target-cursor exactly on the edge of a runner, and left-click to add x,y,z values to the table. Zoom in to get the most accurate values. Repeat for the opposite side of a runner, and subtract in the direction measured to find the width."

I do that the instructions say, but the test points don't appear.

Any help please? Thanks!

dmilano August 15, 2012 14:00

This is a typo in the manual. use shift+click instead.

madzero August 15, 2012 14:48

Well, initially when I used shift+left-click, didn't show any value in the table of probe points, but after almost press every key of keyboard+left-click and note that there appeared no value, I used again shift+left-click and new values ​​appears in the table of probe points.

Thanks for the help!

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