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ara_nersesian September 17, 2012 08:28

help for pump flow direction flow-3d
Hi every one
i am flow-3d user ver 10.0
i made my fan/impeller in horizntall position and i need to chenge pump flow direction (i have 2 tank side by side and a pump in midele wall )
sometimes i need to pump from left to right (its ok) but i dont knew how to reserv the pump (right to left)
and if you knew how i can add more blade to impeller
and last one can we show the impeller rotation in display or not?

Jack Wu June 27, 2016 23:49

would you send me some learning materials about fan and impeller model? i was using it but i did not know how to use it. the flow i caculated behind the impeller was wrong?
thank you my email

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