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buddler September 26, 2012 11:06

Multiplier for dynamically adjusted convergence criterion
I've got a question to the "Multiplier for dynamically adjusted convergence criterion", normally it is set to 1,0. Can someone tell which values it should be set to to get accurate results? Is the standard epsadj=1.0 enough or should there be a value less then 1.0 ?

Sorry in this case i really don't have any idea, normally i just didn't change anything at this vallue, but i got a simulation where the epsadj was set to 0.01 and therefere the calculation time for that simulation is much longer than for others, so i just wanted to know if i simply can set this value to 1.0 without getting false results?

dmilano September 28, 2012 12:55

Most of the time the default setting is adequate. You would really only want to reduce this value if the pressure/velocity solution looks unphysical and the pressure solution convergence is the suspected cause.

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