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Billdada October 24, 2012 07:13

How to simulate the temperature distribution in die casting
Hi everybody, I am new to the forum

I am simulating a gravity die casting in Flow3D. Does anybody can teach me how to set up the simulation to show the temperature distribution during the filling.

I loaded the die ad the liquid with the initial temperature, and activate the Heat Transfer in first order and uniform component temperature. however, there is nothing relate to the temperature in the result.

melissa November 27, 2012 16:43

Did you define the properties of the die such as thermal conductivity and density*specific heat? You will also need to define thermal conductivity and specific heat for the fluid as well.

To visualize you would select fluid fraction for iso-surface contour and temperature for color contour.

You may need to put a heat transfer coefficient as well under Surface properties of die/mold component. FLOW-3D will calculate one for you based on 1-D flow over a plate so you can try that first if not a good value to start with is 1000 in SI.

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