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max0014 October 31, 2012 18:29

Rainfall modeling using source volume flow rate
I am trying to model rainfall runoff simulation using FLOW-3D. But the version 10.0 does not have a way to input rainfall hence I used volume flow rate in Geometry>component>component properties.
However the flow rate at the outflow boundary is not correct and shows fluctuations which should not be the case.

Is it because of the rainfall input process or do I have to change some other parameters to reduce fluctuations at the outflow.Is there a way to input rainfall other than this?

Thank you,

chaitanyaarige November 24, 2016 04:49

I am working on similar problem. Where fluid is falling in the form of droplets.
Which is best model in Multiphase??
And if anyone was successful in implementing this type of simulation...any other advises are welcome. (I am using ANSYS/openfoam)

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