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zandi December 30, 2012 03:41

air concentration in post processing
Hi all,
can anyone help me with finding the amount of air content or concentration in fluid?! in post processing part .
thanks friends

mf_emp January 11, 2013 12:40

Do you mean entrainment of air?
So you should first active air entrainment model available under the physics tab. then in analyze tab/2D plot/contour variable, choose vol. fraction of entrained air.

zandi January 12, 2013 13:12

thank you very much
Do you know it can shows bubbles of air diffused in water due to areation, or not?:confused:

mf_emp January 13, 2013 05:31

your welcome,
yes I think so. see also "difference between true vof and two-fluid vof" post.

zandi January 13, 2013 08:13

tank you again:)
I'll go for it

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