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mf_emp January 24, 2013 10:56

ALPHA location?
Where can i set ALPHA variable which Controls weighting of upstream values in advection approximations when IORDER=1, when equal 0.0, is central differencing and when equals 1.0 uses upstream differencing(upwind)

dmilano February 13, 2013 17:34

alpha is set in the xput namelist.

mf_emp February 13, 2013 19:10

of course i know its in the xput namelist, i just want to know how can i change it?
Is it for example in the NUMERICS tab or...??

dmilano February 13, 2013 19:29

It's not in the GUI - you change it directly in the input file.

mf_emp February 13, 2013 19:40

would you mind tell me where can i exactly access to this parameter??
please address me one by one.

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