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unknowntothem April 2, 2013 12:38

Making pretty simulations :P
I have searched the forum so apologies if this has already been covered but how does one export results to a visual software package such as 3D studio max? I want to present my findings for a uni project in an animation where the original model is presented photo-realistically. :confused:

JBurnham April 6, 2013 22:59

FLOW-3D writes an .stl file when you do a 3-D plot. You can plot the fluid surface, the solid surface, or both together, on the Analyze tab. See the tutorials in the User Manual for explanation of how to use the Analyze tab. The iso-surface is written to the simulation directory, and it's named iso000001.stl, or .f3d, or something like that. In any case, you can use it as an approximate fluid surface for import to other programs. More accurate surfaces need to be exported as text data and then meshed into an .stl in another program.

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