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EvanT April 25, 2013 12:55

Interim Depth variable

I'm trying to make a custom executable to compute the concentration of a scalar. As an input to the source/sink computations I need to know the depth of water. This is available as a post process variable, but does not seem to be readily available during the run.

Do I need to run from the water surface (where source/sink occurs) down through the cells looking for the model invert or is there a variable that would give either the depth or distance to the invert at a cell?

Alternate poor idea. Run model once, output post processed depth at all the cells, then run again using saved results as input to the scalar computation.

dmilano June 4, 2013 16:38

The depth is a postprocessed quantity, so you'll need to compute it from the fluid fractions and volume fractions in a particular column of cells.

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