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Gil August 13, 2013 08:53

Dear experts;

Added a Baffle in my project using an STL file, however, find it difficult to tornalo solid, ie, do not want to go through the Baffle fuid but is diverted by it.

If this option is possible someone please help me.

Grateful now.

JBurnham August 14, 2013 00:13

Three steps:

1) check that the .stl is a closed surface, or at least the shape you want, without any holes. Use netfabb Studio Basic or Meshlab for this.

2) in FLOW-3D, after importing the .stl baffle: set porosity = 0.

3) preprocess the simulation and Analyze > Render it. If the baffle still has holes, perhaps it's not sufficiently resolved by the mesh. Consider making cell sizes smaller, or putting a nested mesh block around the baffle.

Hope that helps. - Jeff

Gil August 16, 2013 13:00

thank you Mr JBurnham

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