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ljx151126 December 12, 2013 22:34

void region problem
Hi,everyone. When I run a sediment scour model, the solver stopped abnormaly. The warning and error messages are: void region problem, surface cell with no adjacent void at i=85, j=60, k=28. I want to know how to solver this problem. Thank you very much.:confused:

JBurnham December 15, 2013 22:07

That's an old bug that has been fixed in 10.1.1, the latest version. I ran into that problem too. - J

ljx151126 December 15, 2013 22:27

Dear Jeff Burnham
I really appreciate your help. I use the version 10.0.1 to do simulation. So I cann't continue my sediment scour model?
Thanks greatly.

JBurnham December 18, 2013 21:32

You can try using a different mesh configuration, but otherwise, you'll need to update the software: there's a menu at the top (Utilities > Auto-update) that will let you get a later version, but you'll need a username and password from Flow Science.

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