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melek January 8, 2014 13:27

turbulance model

In my mesh domain gives iteration didnt converge.

I am using 5 mesh block and my rotor inside 5th mesh block.
My simulaton's Physics are
- Grativy and non-inertial reference frame
gravity is z= -9.81

- Moving and simple deforming objects
gmo model activing and moving object option is implicit

- viscos and turbilance
Rng model

I tried lots of things and that problem isnt about mesh domain or cell sizes, but I didnt find why simulations solvers giving iteration didnt converse.

- I tried history data, short print and long print intervals = 1e-05 or 1e-07 and selected data interval = 0.1
- i tried change mesh cell size for lots of numbers

And mine problem I think about inner mesh structure no comfirmity with inner geometry or y plus value problematic turbulence wall boundary no condition satisfied.

I need your opinions about thats parameters.
1- How can I check which one is selected? rfg turbilance model +swf or rfg turbilance model + enhanced
2-I used impicit and which one better implicit or explicit? if your ansver is explicit, Why? And What is the best option for explicit advection?
3- Can I try drop relaxation factor

Thank you for your interest

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