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Rajkool March 2, 2020 09:48

get-thread: invalid thread id (integer) or name (symbol)
Hello All,

I am new to CFD. But, everything was going a bit hard and good in progress, until I had an error occurred as you can see in Title

"Error: get-thread: invalid thread id (integer) or name (symbol)
Error Object: #f"

After this everything changed my boundary and zone conditions are destroyed or deleted. I do not understand, how to get them back.

Please help me guys, I'm totally lost.

Thank you
Kolkundi Rajesh

thunde47 March 2, 2020 16:52

At what point of your simulation setup/run do you see this? What's the FLOW-3D version and what operating system are you using?

Rajkool March 3, 2020 04:54

Hello Gupta,
I am using fluent. But, I assumed to be the error must be common in all software. So, I posted it.

An error occurred after the simulation. I got a residual graph and I was trying for the pathlines. Then I found this error.

Hope you could relate and help me.

Thank you

thunde47 April 2, 2020 16:27

No Rajkool. All CFD software have different programming bases and errors. Please do not post ANSYS related posts on this forum.

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