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CK October 4, 2008 05:05

Free Gridding vs BFG
All Would like to understand if anyone have compared accuracy, simulation speed and effeciency between free griding from Flow-3D with others BFG (body fitted grid) CFD code?

Thanks and Regards CK

DTS October 6, 2008 18:59

Re: Free Gridding vs BFG
Dear CK,

Here is a general answer. Free gridding allows easy setup of both mesh and geometry. It also means good efficiency (overhead) and speed because neighboring cells are always known for calculations. FLOW-3D's FAVOR technique prevents the moment losses typically found in a structured grid so complex geometries can be captured with less resolution.

That being said, the disadvantage is when needing to locally resolve a mesh for boundary layer effects. An unstructured grid can give you the local resolution without carrying it through the entire domain. F3D does have a multi-block option that can help in certain cases.

Thank you, DTS

CK October 8, 2008 04:17

Re: Free Gridding vs BFG
DTS Thanks for your comments.

Regards CK

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