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aginor October 7, 2008 09:21

create waves
how i can create sea waves? i what to make messurements about some forces. i find in the help: Example: Creating a Wave-Maker Type Boundary but i dont know what to do it

Byongjun Park October 7, 2008 10:59

I've simulated linear wave boundary
Do you mean simulating like this?

* : 2D Wave Flume * : 3D Detached Breakwater

I've simulated wave boundary with version 9.2, but it was linear wave.

The input file cannot be built up in GUI environment. To make wave boundary you must edit "prepin.inp" by text editor program like "NOTEPAD" or "Ultra Editor".

For example,



wl=6, iwavel=1, waveamp(1)=4., wavefre(1)=12.,



wt=5, pbct(1,6)=0., fbct(1,6)=0., $end




fzh(1)=15., remark='initial water level', $end


If you want input "wavenum(n)" at left boundary, must delete "wavefre(n)".

Please refer to user manual, and good luck!

P.S. (1) If your solver is earlier than version 9.0, it may be define as time series boundary. (2) To make irregular wave boundary, you have to complie user subroutine with FORTRAN(Intel). The example source code is uploaded in FLOW-3D user site, but I didn't try it yet. (I'd like to compare with CADMAS-SURF.)

MAB October 7, 2008 11:43

Re: I've simulated linear wave boundary
Hi Byonggjun. I like your animations of wave's. I am going to use the new version9.3 for generating waves together with GMO model to calculate the rigid bodies displacement. i am sure your advice in modelling linear waves would very helpfull. Could you tell that what is the total time taken by flow-3D for these animations. are these 2D or 3D cases? Thanks MAB

MAB October 7, 2008 12:34

Re: I've simulated linear wave boundary
Also which package you have used to make this animations. Have you used Flow-3D postprocessor. or anyother package for making animations? Thanks

aginor October 7, 2008 15:26

Re: I've simulated linear wave boundary
Byongjun Park, i make several experiments but it doesnt work. can you sent me a very simple file with waves? one prepin file. and i will tray to make my change. i see your animation. very good work!!!!

Byongjun Park October 7, 2008 20:39

It taken 2D 13H 13M 52S.
In the case of "2D Wave Flume", it taken 2D 13H 13M 52S. In fact, the simulation was done by 3D. If the number of Y-Dir. grid set to 1, it might be over several hours.

My hardware Spec. - CPU : Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU @ 2.66GHz - RAM : 8GB (2GB * 4) - OS : Microsoft Windows XP(64bit) - Ver. : 9.2.1 - I use SMP version. So it works parallel mode

Test Condition - Num. of grid : 1177600 - X=-100~100, Y=-4~4, Z=0~23 - Amplitude=2m, Frequancy=10.12sec - Mean water level=15m

P.S. I heard that version 9.3 can inport STL solid as GMO in post processing.

Byongjun Park October 7, 2008 20:45

I used "Flash Slider"
In order to upload result of simulation at my BLOG as animation, I used "Flash Slider".

You can download at this URL.

Byongjun Park October 7, 2008 20:56

Please send me your input file
Sorry, I don't know your e-mail address and how to attach achive files in this forum environment. If you send me your input file, I check & edit your input file and I will send modified input file.

P.S. I live in Korea(GMT+09:00).

MAB October 8, 2008 05:06

Re: It taken 2D 13H 13M 52S.
Thanks Byongjun!! I have same hardware as yours. How long it takes for 3D case? Are you using outflow boundary at outlet. What do you think about this outflow and Continuative boundaries? Many Thanks in Advance :)

Byongjun Park October 8, 2008 08:17

In order to consider reflection wave...
Because of reflection wave, I used outflow condition(8) with fluid height(mean water level) at right boundary.

I didn't try continuative condition, but I guess continuative condition can break reflection wave, too.

Now, I'm simulating the intake of power plant at Gunsan, Korea, so I cannot try to simulate the case of continuative condition. If you have spare time and can try it as 2D simulation, please tell me the comparison results. ^_^

I remember the simulation of detached breakwater(3D) required more times and that was my first simulation of 3D wave generating. Because I erased result file, I don't know elapsed time. But it was very interesting.

kyunghwan October 8, 2008 13:04

Re: I've simulated linear wave boundary

This is wave make sample input for v9.2.

good luck!


RF01 T=1.4, H=0.05


remark='units are ...',

twfin=28., itb=1, gz=-9.80, ipdis=1,

apltdt=0.2, hpltdt=0.01, pltdt=100.,

delt=1.0e-4, dtmin=1.0e-10, autot=2.,

ifvisc=1, impadv=1,

ifvis=4, tlen=0.007,

igmres=1, $end





mu1=0.001, units='si',





wl=6, wr=8, flhtr=0.3,




iwavel=1, waveamp(1)=0.025, wavefre(1)=1.0, waveh(1)=0.45,




nycelt=1, py(1)=0.0, py(2)=0.1,

nzcelt=50, px(1)=-8.0, px(2)=0.0, pz(1)= 0.0, pz(2)= 0.3, pz(3)=0.5,

px(3)=10.0, sizex(1)=0.0,

px(4)=17.0, px(5)=17.1, px(6)=17.2, px(7)=17.3,

px(8)=17.4, px(9)=17.5, px(10)=17.6, px(11)=17.7,

px(12)=17.8, px(13)=17.9, px(14)=18.,






nfls=1, fzh(1)=0.3, flht=0.3,









anmtyp(1)='f', anmtyp(2)='p', anmtyp(3)='vel',






MAB October 10, 2008 05:38

Re: I used "Flash Slider"
Thanks Byongjun !!! You used flash to upload your simulations .. but which package you used for making these animations, Flow-3D's postprocessor or TecPlot or something else.?

Byognjun Park October 11, 2008 20:48

Just making a animation...
When I made a animation from simulation results, I used post-precessor of FLOW-3D, but it had some time lag in case of large flame and couldn't change resolution.

So I used bmp2avi(It works in DOS prompt), I found some time lag, too. Receltly, I use img2avi. It works in Windows Env.

To batch resizing(changing resolution) of frame cuts, I use other freeware(I use PhotoWORKS).

Tecplot 360 2008, FieldView v12 are good post-processor for CFD, but these S/W are not require in case of making a animation, only.

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